Book Business Buyback Software

Easily Earn Cash Buying Back Textbooks And Reselling To Textbook Drop For A Profit


The BookBusinessApp can be used by college students and independent book buyers as well as their teams to manage the entire textbook acquisition process. There are many websites and tools to allow you to get book pricing, but this application combines multiple components of functionality that are useful in managing a successful buyback operation.

How To Earn

If you live on or near a college campus you can be making extra cash! Download the Book Business App to easily scan books for a customer facing quote and then resell those books to us for a profit. For example, if we are purchasing Campbell’s Biology for $50, you can use the app to purchase the customer’s book for $25, and then ship to us for free for a $25 profit!

Get Started

Contact us to get setup with credentials to the Textbook Drop BookBusinessApp team for pricing access.